preconstruction services We help clients to identify,
plan, and analyze needs
Setting up processes and tasks to make your project functional and financially viable.
tailored solutions for your needs GENERAL CONTRACTING &
We can take on the responsibility for managing and building or acts as your representative to manage the construction process.
Professionals providing flexibility, responsiveness, and dedicated attention that large, multinational companies can’t.

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18 Years of Delivering on Promises

We believe that treating people right is the key to success.

LEGO Construction is a Florida-based construction firm headquartered in the heart of Miami. Our goal is to provide private and government clients throughout Florida with quality, safe, and cost-effective facilities to work, live, protect, recreate, and learn. From maintenance and restoration to new construction, our team of project managers, laborers, estimators, cost control engineers, and field operators is committed to renewing and growing communities. While we serve clients in a variety of industries, we specialize in health care, education, federal, correctional facilities, transportation, historic preservation, and public housing.

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The longer a problem goes unchecked, the more expensive and time consuming it becomes to solve. Together with the client, project owner, and other contractors, we begin each project by understanding its unique requirements and identifying the appropriate delivery method. As a small business, LEGO Construction’s team of professionals can provide the flexibility, responsiveness, and dedicated attention that large, multinational companies can’t.


As the name implies, preconstruction services occur prior to construction begins to help clients and project owners identify, plan, and analyze needs for construction. This early effort provides clients with insight regarding the processes and tasks that will make their project functional and financially viable.


As a general contractor, LEGO Construction is responsible for managing and building new construction as well as repairing and restoring maintenance projects for commercial and government clients. General contractors ensure that the architecture/engineering firm’s vision is completed as designed.


Under the Construction Management project delivery method, LEGO Construction acts as your representative to manage the construction process. As an extension of your staff, we assemble and competitively bid packages to subcontractors, and then manage project construction.


In a design-build project, a single entity performs both architectural/engineering design and construction services. This delivery method is best suited for projects with accelerated timelines and is known for reducing bidding time as well as revealing potential construction issues sooner.


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We focus on the people involved with each project, and we do it without sacrificing quality.
This is how we operate each and every day, and it is why we have such an excellent reputation in the construction industry.

Joint Ventures

We focus on what is really important – not by working in our own lane alongside you, but by working collaboratively with you to build a partnership that achieves extraordinary results.

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we have built 500+ projects successfully

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we believe that for our clients and our continued success,
establishing a trusting relationship ranks highest on our list.

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